Camtasia Latest Version Review

Would you like to create even more professional videos, videos that trigger the “wow effect” for the viewer?

Then the new Camtasia 9, which is now available in German and English, is just right for you.

The new Camtasia shines with a multitude of new functions which make the creation of screen videos even easier and more efficient.

Here is a short extract of the new functions in Camtasia 9

New, improved and very versatile multimedia library. There are music clips, background images, icons, animated graphics, title clips and many other media elements such as lower thirds, callouts, etc.Camtasia 9 uses 64-bit processors (32-bit systems are no longer supported) . Simply put, Camtasia can now take full advantage of your computer. 

As a result, the software works faster and renders faster.Text and images can be animated or provided with behavioral effects . Static graphics often look boring, but viewers love animation and eye-catching effects. Camtasia offers great effects and animations, but at the same time it is much easier to use and also much cheaper than the complicated competitive products such as. B. Adobe After Effects. It’s much easier to add captions so that viewers who have turned off the sound understand the videos. This is particularly important for videos that are to be made available on social media.

Improved workflows – you can now drag all objects onto the timeline or arrange them on the canvas. You see 1: 1 how something will look in the finished video. If you like a particular callout, simply drag it to the desired location in the video. All tools and effects can be seen at a glance in the newly designed editor.The program structure has been changed so that Camtasia can also process larger video files and is much more stable even for complex projects.The project files work on Windows and Mac . This is an important factor that makes collaboration on projects much easier.