Check Your Website’s Popularity with Online Tools

If you are a webmaster, or building your own website just for fun, you surely need to monitor which websites are linking to you, check your PageRank, and much more important information that you might want to know about your website.

Website’s Popularity with Online Tools

Yahoo! Site Explorer – Check which websites are linking to you, and how many indexed pages you have.

Alexa -This estimates how much traffic you receive through it’s toolbar or widget, and ranks it accordingly.. and you will have a rough idea where your website is located when it comes to traffic, plus you can compare your own website with other websites.. (you can compare up to 5 websites) and see your statistics in a graph.

Popuri -This is a cool tool, you just write your website in it, and it gives you your PageRank, Alexa Rank, WHOIS, back links and much more information!

Quarkbase – This tool gives you some information about your website, such as the ranks, WHOIS, social popularity etc… it’s similar toy Popuri, but not exactly.

Statbrain – This tool gives you an estimate on how much a website receives visits, daily. I tried this on TheComputerMaster.Info and some other websites of mine, and I must say that it’s quite accurate.

These are only 5 tools for now, I will post more in the near future.