First Aid Kit: Is important PC data at risk?

If your most valuable data is at risk of being lost because viruses and Trojans block access to folders, files or the operating system

    * Windows neither starts nor reacts
    * Your monitor remains black when you start your PC
    * or simply nothing works anymore

then the First will help you Aid kit!

First Aid Kit

Never panic again! A calming feeling

With the First Aid Kit you have everything under control in these situations .

You can use the software to start an independent, Linux-based operating system. You start your data recovery from this interface. Even with a total loss of Windows, you have access to your computer and your hard drives and can save what is important to you.

Numerous rescue as well as repair and analysis tools are available here.

Prepare and arm yourself with our First Aid Kit just in case …

The most important rescue tools at a glance:

1. Back up data
If the hard drive with the installed operating system is defective, access the drives that Windows no longer recognizes from the outside using a USB stick or DVD. Before you start repairing, back up all your data locally (e.g. on the stick) or on the network.

2. Virus scan
If viruses or malware cannot be found or deleted under Windows, use the First Aid Kit. A virus scan based on Avira technology reliably detects and deletes viruses, malware and other pests.

3. Rescue accidentally deleted data
Accidentally deleted the folder with the vacation photos or videos? Don’t worry, because with the First Aid Kit you can restore deleted files quickly and without risk of overwriting. The software also rescues files on accidentally formatted hard drives.

4. Safely erase hard disk
With the First Aid Kit you irrevocably destroy all stored data. This option is important if you want to sell or scrap a computer or hard drive, for example, or if you want to get a persistent virus from your hard drive.

ATTENTION: If data is deleted using this function, you cannot restore it; neither with the Fist Aid Kit, nor with any other software.

5. Crack PC password
Did you forget your PC password? With this function, the First Aid Kit resets your password and unlocks your PC.

6. Editing the registry
The First Aid Kit also contains a registry editor. This allows you to undo incorrect changes or settings in the Windows registry.

In an emergency, every minute counts: be prepared and order now!