Lookeen – So Easy to Find Your Document and Emails

Do you often search your entire computer for specific information? Then Lookeen Desktop Search is the right solution for you.

Lookeen Desktop Search finds everything!

You know that: somewhere you had something written down and saved – in a folder, in an email or in a database. You just don’t remember where it was on your computer. Now start the search, which costs you very valuable time, sometimes remains fruitless and in any case is ineffective.

This is where Lookeen’s desktop search helps you. The program for Windows computers takes care of finding texts and text fragments in all files and emails at lightning speed.

Desktop Search by Lookeen: all advantages

With a desktop search you cope with the infinite flood of information that is present on every computer today. Lookeen indexes an unlimited number of folders, mails and files in all common formats. The program has even more advantages:

  • You work faster in Outlook because you can integrate Lookeen directly as a search bar in the Outlook inbox. You then no longer have to open any other programs, Lookeen finds all mails and their attachments, but also dates and tasks, notes, contacts and calendar entries. Lookeen is an Outlook add-on that integrates seamlessly with MS Outlook 2003 – 2016 Office 365.
  • The simple desktop search works by double pressing CTRL or the Windows® taskbar, regardless of the program currently being used.
  • The search speed increases massively.
  • Lookeen is very easy to use.
  • You can expand the search queries as desired with filter functions.
  • Colored markings provide a better overview.

In addition, Lookeen’s Desktop Search saves your system resources, because the program uses very little CPU and memory. It therefore runs on older Windows computers and is very easy to install anywhere.

Lookeen Desktop Search will take over Outlook search for companies in the future, which is used extensively but is also considered problematic. Lookeen supports Exchange Server, even public folders can be searched at lightning speed. Over 30,000 companies have now recognized these advantages.


Lookeen is a highly professional desktop search tool. The decisive factor is the simultaneous search in files and mails. Various features make Lookeen’s desktop search particularly suitable for companies.