Optimize Your Project Management with Express Project

Efficient project management is an important component in many companies and guarantees customer satisfaction.

But you are probably also familiar with the problem: planning and optimizing projects and coordinating resources, information and data is a major challenge that can quickly become a problem. But that need not be!

With the right software, like the free Express Project, project management is easier than ever.

Project Express

The advantages of project management software
In many companies there are several projects that are being worked on simultaneously. Each project not only has its own deadlines, but also its own requirements. Many resources, on the other hand, have to be shared between the various employees and projects.

It can quickly happen that unwanted conflicts arise or something is forgotten. Especially confusing Excel tables or wrong software can quickly become a problem here. Professional programs for project planning help here.

Project Management

There are many programs to do this, but most are paid. However, there is also good software that is available for free. This also includes the Express Project. A simple program with many functions that can make your project planning much easier.
Overview of Express Project
Express Project is a free and powerful software for your project management. The software enables you to carry out extensive and detailed planning of projects and tasks and offers you a variety of useful functions, such as network technology for clear planning or visual display with Gantt diagrams. The software enables you to plan tasks efficiently and clearly and to weigh and allocate your resources.

In addition, you can use Express Project to display relationships and restrictions and at the same time define them for optimized task planning.

Important tasks can be clearly identified with the network planning technology through the use of Gantt diagrams, and the before-and-after comparison to check the fulfillment of the project is no problem with the software. In addition, Express Project provides you with numerous tools that you can use to get a visual overview of important things such as buffer and hatching times or to use special tasks or the use of special resources.

You can also create schedules and your own calendars at both the project and resource levels to plan usage and prevent conflicts with other projects. In addition, your project management is improved by information in clear Gantt diagrams. Here you will find details of tasks and resources that above all improve and promote the cooperation between your employees.

The free Express Project software is available for both Windows and Mac and can therefore be run on all common systems. With the software you can improve your project management and make it significantly more efficient. Annoying planning and hustle and bustle, due to problems with resources or deadlines can be easily prevented and cooperation within your team is improved.


Express Project helps you to significantly simplify project management in your company. Try the free software and see for yourself. Optimize your projects and make them successful.